If you want to get your Marvel overload, well this super fan has done the work for you. Warsame A, a sports editor for FanSided wanted to honor Stan Lee upon his death so he spent many months to to piece together every movie, TV show and all extra content spanning the ten years in the MCU.

He wrote on his site, “These MCU Stan Lee Tribute Cuts will be breaking down every year based in the timeline of the MCU. It will only follow the perspective of the main character of the show or a major storyline that has significance within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will start from 2006 till 2018 in the MCU Timeline. So Agent Carter will not be making it in this supercut.”

So if you have up to 100 hours of time (estimated) and want to watch the entire MCU (minus Agent Carter) enjoy, download for free and enjoy.
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Stan Lee MCU Supercut Series