The last we saw David8 at the end of Prometheus his head was in a bag and Dr. Shaw had just performed a C-section on herself birthing a squid face-hugger and pumping herself with a ton of pain meds. Then both parties fled in an Engineer ship en route to the Engineer home world. What happened next? Apparently Alien: Covenant will include a scene bridging the gap between the two films.

The prologue entitled “The Crossing” was released and shows what happened to Dr. Shaw and David8. I will post it here and give you a chance to watch it before discussing it  in more detail.

It’s interesting how much we learn about the two characters in a well-written and concise 2m 40s clip.

Dr. Shaw is show repairing David attaching his head to his body. In the voice over David says, “I never experienced such compassion…especially Mr. Weyland…or any human.” This can explain quite a bit about how David is seemingly so callous and unfeeling toward the crew of the Prometheus. Perhaps he was raised by Mr. Weyland in a very harsh or uncaring atmosphere. Considering the way Weyland treated everyone else on the mission with little regard it stands to reason that he would have treated David the same way.


Even Charlize Theron’s character Meredith Vickers treats people harshly aboard the Prometheus and she calls Weyland “Father” during the movie. If she is truly his daughter, or another android as many speculate, this lends more credence to the theory that Weyland treated David badly. After all David did say to Shaw during Prometheus, “Doesn’t everyone want their parents dead?”

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This clip shows some sort of relationship developing between David and Dr. Shaw. The unfeeling synthetic actually begins to show some compassion toward Dr. Shaw. He even draws a picture of her possibly for her. Her kindness to David may have helped him discover compassion.

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David puts Shaw into hibernation for the journey and says he learned of the ways of the Engineers. The next scene their ship is docking at the Engineer home world to what sounds like raucous cheering.

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As the hatch opens on the ship after it docks we see hundreds of vials of what apparent is the black goo from the Prometheus planet, the pathogen that destroyed the Prometheus crew. David says, “Look on my words ye mighty, and despair.”

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It appears as if David, to avenge either the damage done to him by the Engineer in Prometheus, or to avenge the death of Dr. Weyland by the Engineer is going to release the pathogen on the Engineer home world. This could be what leads to the birth of the Alien Xenomorphs that we know so well.

if you recall, at the end of Prometheus a Deacon Xenomorph burst from the chest of the Engineer after he was enveloped by the giant, squid face hugger. This pathogen cast upon the Engineer planet could be what creates the planet of Xenomorphs.

So when the Alien: Covenant mission sets off to colonize a new planet it looks like they will happen upon what once was the Engineer planet and find new life forms created by the infection of the pathogen including the spore bursting plants and of course the Alien Xenomorphs.

That also leads more logically to the start of the original Alien. When the survey mission lands on LV-426 it sees an abandoned Engineer ship with an Engineer suit still in the pilot seat. The pilot Engineer’s (Space Jockey’s) suit is burst open at the chest. That may mean that at least one Engineer was able to flee the home world but was already impregnated with a chest burster. When he either crashed, or landed on LV-426 the Alien burst out of his chest and  laid the eggs that the survey team comes across at the beginning of Alien which starts the famous adventure that we all love.

Cool bit of Trivia: That Space Jockey set is actual size and a totally practical effect.


So a few questions linger. Is that the ONLY Engineer to escape the home world? Were there others? Were those Engineers ALSO impregnated with chest bursters? And…could their ships have landed on other planets? And now imagine if in just ONE of those ships the Engineer was able to go into hibernation before the Alien burst out of its chest. Now let’s just imagine that one of those ships drifts for decades and winds up at the planet Earth Many years after Aliens. Now we could potentially have a scenario where Aliens make it to Earth. THAT would be a move I’d like to see.

Back on topic, I’m more certain that this prologue will be longer in the actual movie. Either way this will do a great job of bridging the gap between Prometheus and Alien: Covenant.  Many questioned how they were going to do this…and it looks like we now have an idea.


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