Original Star Wars

If you are like me then you were hoping that the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm would one day allow us to see the original theatrical cut of Star Wars. It looks like that will most likely never happen.

Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm, spoke about the original trilogy in an interview during the most recent Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. She said, “I wouldn’t touch those, are you kidding me? Those will always remain [George Lucas’].”

Releasing the original cuts may be a lot harder than we think anyway because when Lucas tried to go back and alter the originals, he apparently altered the master film print. That means the original versions of the films don’t exist anymore…at least not at Lucasfilm…if you believe Kennedy.

If you recall, the original 35mm print of Star Wars was submitted to the Library of Congress and they have digitized that into 4K. So the original DOES exist and could be accessed by Disney/Lucasfilm if they do not in fact have the original.

All_Changes_Made_to_Star_Wars__A_New_Hope__Comparison_VideoThis is an article written by someone in 2015 who actually got permission to watch the original Star Wars at the Library of Congress. He saw the original, unrevised version in all of its “flawed” glory.

The search for the ‘Star Wars’ George Lucas doesn’t want you to see

But if you don’t plan to venture to Washington D.C. and put in the requests to get a chance to see the original, unaltered Star Wars you can always take advantage of what some very passionate fans re-edited for us all. Harry’s Star Wars: Despecialized Edition.

Here is a video explaining how they made the Despecialized Edition.

Or…you can always ask me because I still have a store-bought VHS of the original Star Wars, uncut, not updated …and YES Han shot first.

Hopefully, in the quest for more money, Disney/Lucasfilm will come to their senses, dig into their archives, or visit the Library of Congress and finally release for the fans the original movie that we all love.

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– Tyrant Boss